Different Ways You Can Improve Your Vocabulary

Different Ways You Can Improve Your Vocabulary

Learning new words and applying them in real conversations is a skill which makes our vocabulary strong. Having a strong vocabulary is important as it will help you in many aspects of your life including school, college, workplace, etc. Now, how to improve your vocab? Well, there are different effective ways you can work on building your vocab and use it confidently among your group! Below are some of the proven methods which you should definitely try – 

Read Read Read

Read voraciously. It is undeniable that reading is significant for improving your overall knowledge. Reading helps you not only improve your English speaking skills but also improves your vocabulary to a larger extent. If you’re not an avid reader, start off by picking books of your favorite genre, be it romance, comedy, philosophy or anything for that matter. Read for at least half an hour a day and be hungry to google new words which you didn’t understand while reading. 

Use the Words 

Now that you have started reading and learning new words, start using them in your conversations. There’s no point of learning new words if you are not actively using them. Your mind can possess new information for a few days and if you don’t recall it often, your mind will automatically erase that word from your memory. And using new words in your conversations boosts your confidence and ability to adapt knowledge faster. 

Learn One Word Every Day 

This method is very popular and effective. If you can’t read books the whole day then you can just simply learn a new word every day. Keep this thing in your conscious and do every possible thing to make sure you don’t forget this practice. If you go to work, then maybe you can put a sticky note on your desk which reads ‘learn a new word’ or you can maintain a diary where you note down all the necessary information. Try this for a few days and you’ll see a major improvement in your vocabulary.

Don’t Forget to Revise 

Revision here means keeping a record of all those new words that you learnt in the past 10 days. Maintain a diary and keep jotting down the words as you learn them everyday. Now after a week or so, take a look at those words and revise their meaning. This is a very powerful exercise to make sure you don’t forget the meaning of the words. I do this every 10 day and it helps a lot. Well, I am an avid reader, so I read for 2 hours a day and take delta-8 gummies to keep me energized and relaxed. Check Mens Journal to learn more about gummies.  

Be Friends With the Dictionary or Google 

For you to learn new words, it’s important for you to be friends with a dictionary or google in today’s age. Everytime you are stuck on a new word, don’t just assume it’s meaning depending on the contect, but search for that word and see it’s true meaning, pronunciation, etc. This is important for the better understanding of words and their contextual use. 

These were some of the effective and proven ways of building your vocabulary. Make sure you use these tips actively to see results.