Your Personality Tells a Lot About You : Here’s How

Your Personality Tells a Lot About You : Here’s How

Ever thought if someone can tell you about yourself without even talking to you? Well, the interesting part is ‘they can’. How? Your personality. A person can tell a lot about your behaviour and nature by just reading your personality. Exciting, right? Your personality is basically your outer appearance and behavior which you have formed down the ages. 

We all possess different habits, some are good and some are bad but eventually it all forms a part of our personality. Habits are the major composition of your personality type. What you do everyday speaks a lot about your preferences, interests and even career choices. Here we have listed some of the aspects including habit that shells out a lot of information about a person

The Way You Talk To Strangers 

How do you respond when a random person asks for your phone to make an urgent call? You lend your phone or you say ‘sorry’? If you help him by lending your phone, it shows that you trust easily and are very kind towards people. However, if you refuse to help, then it indicates you are shy and may be an introvert who doesn’t like to socialize much. But hey, exceptions are always there. This might seem a mere thing but it actually tells a lot about your nature. 

The Way You Shake Hands 

This is a very common trick to know someone’s personality type. Researchers show that people who do firm handshakes tend to be more extroverted and socially confident than people who shake hands loosely. In a study conducted, people were asked to assess some characteristics of handshakes such as completeness of grip, temperature, dryness, strength, duration, texture, and eye contact. People with looser grips were said to be more shy and neurotic. 

The Way You Treat Yourself 

How you dress up, your choice of shoes and your personal hygiene speaks a lot about you as a person. Your fashion choice in clothes can tell about your ambitions and spending habits. How a person maintains his/her dental hygiene can be another significant factor. 

A person with not so clean and healthy teeth suggests that he/she does not care much about personal hygiene. Simply put, compromising on one’s self care. However, there are people who use teeth whitening kits to add a shiny and more attractive layer to their teeth. Learn more here about the teeth whitening kits . 

Your Walking Style 

This is another common way of judging a personality. Body language experts say that if your weight is usually forward with a quick stride, then you are thought to be more logical and productive. On the other hand, if you walk with your shoulders back, head held high and with chest forward, then you seem to be a fun, charismatic and more socially engaged person. 

Your Eating Habits 

‘You are what you eat’. You must have heard this popular saying. Having a proper nutritious diet is probably the most imperative thing one can work on. Good food keeps you healthy and energetic the whole day which ultimately enhances your aura. A poor diet often leads to a negative environment within yourself.

Can We Change Our Personality

Drew McIntyre said, “You can’t just be the same character forever. You’ve got to add some layers, show some personality.” 

Personality is a composition of our habits. And we can change our habits, so yes, we can also change our personality. With so many admiring figures being talked about around us, everybody feels the urge to adopt some good habits that can actually change their life. We have been and will always be learners all our life. Try as many new things which not only raises your productivity but also improves your mental health. So, never have second thoughts when you want to become a better version of yourself. 

Why Having Your New York Medical Marijuana Card is Valuable Even After Legalization of Recreational Marijuana?

Why Having Your New York Medical Marijuana Card is Valuable Even After Legalization of Recreational Marijuana?

Today, there is more public support for cannabis than ever before. Buoyed by this support, legislation to legalize medical as well as recreational marijuana continues to pick up steam. More than half of the people in the country now support cannabis legalization and its medicinal use for managing various health conditions.

As of now, 36 states have legalized medical marijuana and out of these, 18 states have also legalized recreational marijuana. New York recently legalized marijuana and left many wondering if investing in a medical marijuana program is even worth it anymore.

So, does a canna enthusiast in New York really need to go through the hassle of getting a doctor’s recommendation when they could get legal recreational marijuana with a state-issued ID card? 

Yes! A New York medical marijuana card comes with several benefits and still hasn’t lost its charm entirely. Let’s take a look at why you should hold on to your MMJ card.


Although New York has legalized recreational marijuana, it comes with certain restrictions and regulations. Recreational users are not allowed to smoke cannabis in public areas, whereas a person with a MMJ card can smoke marijuana in areas where smoking tobacco is legal.

With the New York Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, growing cannabis is also legal, though not in effect yet. Growing your own medical cannabis offers a lot of benefits, especially for medical patients. Here too, medical marijuana users will be given preference as they will be allowed to grow more amounts of cannabis than recreational users. Don’t forget! You will be allowed to grow marijuana for personal use only; otherwise, you may end up facing a penalty or even land yourself behind bars. 

Age Restriction

In New York, recreational marijuana is legal for people over 21 years of age. So, if you don’t fall under this bracket, you won’t be able to access cannabis. But you can access cannabis through a New York medical marijuana card. If anyone below the age of 21 requires cannabis to manage their health condition, they can approach a licensed MMJ doctor and get a recommendation for their medical condition. Also remember that underage medical marijuana users do not get to access any smokable products. All 36 states with legalized medical marijuana have laws for minors to help them get cannabis for their treatment with the assistance of caregivers. They may not be able to access all cannabis products but it’s better than what recreational cannabis offers. 

Cost Effective

Yes! One of the most important things to consider is the difference in cost for medical and recreational cannabis. And these differences pile up when you take you need to shop for marijuana products all around the year. Some states have exempted taxes for medical cannabis patients, while while others have relaxed the percentage of tax charged. But in both cases, medical cannabis users benefit by paying less or no taxes. New York may also have similar laws once legal marijuana sales begin by 2022. Additionally, you also save money by getting special discounts and lower cannabis prices.

Quality & Potency

Like any other medication, the potency of any cannabis product holds a lot of significance for a patient. If quality and potency are two things that you look for before buying a product in a dispensary, then you may want to get yourself a New York medical marijuana card immediately. For recreational users, there are considerable restrictions when it comes to potency of the cannabis strain. Many people require highly potent strains or cannabis products to manage their medical condition, and they probably won’t find anything suitable and potent enough in a recreational cannabis dispensary. A patient with a MMJ card can access a higher amount. 

In Conclusion

Legalizing recreational cannabis is definitely a way forward, but to say that it would impact or affect the value of a medical marijuana recommendation would be wrong. Patients that suffer from a medical condition won’t benefit from the products available in a recreational marijuana dispensary. 

Getting a doctor’s recommendation isn’t a very lengthy process honestly. At, the process has considerably become easy and convenient. But it is good that people are progressing and understanding the medicinal benefits of cannabis. The future of the herb looks quite bright and is touted to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. 

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