We learn everyday, from different situations and scenarios, experiencing or witnessing, imagining and reliving the moments. Every situation has something to teach, it may be evident right from the beginning or you may unfold the lessons with time, but there is something that the situation has to offer, to prepare you for a better future.

I have been through my share of such situations. Initially it was difficult to see through the struggles and pain but I finally started focusing on the positive aspects of every scenario I have been a part of. These lessons and teachings have made me a more confident, self aware, and self loving person with time.

Don’t Complain

Okay, this one can be taken in two ways. One, if you don’t like something then change the reality and if you cannot change the reality stick with it. In either case complaining about the situation or the mess is not going to help you. It is always up to you how you get out of the mess or gracefully embrace it for the time.

Second one was my personal experience. What situation I am in, whatever struggles I am facing is mostly manifested by me. I wanted more work, that is why I don’t have enough time for myself now, because I got the work I was asking for. I wanted to hustle and learn everything that intrigued me, I have pursued a bunch of programs and explored a number of fields. There is no point complaining about the things I literally manifested. If I don’t want it now, I can manifest the opposite or whatever I wish to, rather than complain about the things I have in my life.  

Have a Morning Routine

Call me a boomer if you want but if you have 100 problems, a morning routine can solve 99 of them. You want extra time for yourself, you wish to work on your mental health, you wish to eat a healthy nutritious diet, you want to manage your anger, there is a hobby that you wish to pursue or an extra piece of work that needs to be done. Whatever be the reasons, having a decent, productive morning routine is going to help you so much I cannot even explain.

Always Be There for Yourself

My biggest enemy, the one and only nemesis I have had has been me. Nobody would have hurt me the way I did. If I ever used to get in trouble, I was never there for myself. I used to blame myself for everything that I had to go through. Even if I was the victim, I would blame myself for being a victim. It took me a lot, A LOT of time to realize that hurting myself is not going to help. And finding someone I can depend on is not the solution. I seek help from others because I am never there for myself. People are successful in hurting me because I hurt myself constantly.

This lesson I learned the hard way but for the good. Always be there for yourself for you are the only person who can save you from the world. The world is already so cruel, you don’t need to be harsh on yourself. Support yourself, love yourself, and most importantly, listen to what your mind has to say. Don’t let your soul suffer alone, don’t blame yourself for things you never did. Once you are there for you, the world will stop being cruel to you.

It Is Okay to Quit

Struggle is overrated. Or maybe it is a concept that is very misunderstood. Struggle if you wish to but don’t be afraid to leave if it affects you negatively. Sticking to something you love is good but suffering is not. Quit if you don’t wish to be a part of the situation, don’t be embarrassed of your decision. It is hard to continue working on something that hurts you but it is even harder to choose yourself over the pain and judgements that most of us fear. Quitting to pursue something you love, or quitting to maintain your sanity cannot be a wrong decision. You will learn it with time and you won’t regret it.

We usually quit for our mental health. And it is important to recognize the importance of the same. Working on something that will eventually affect you mentaly, emotionally or physically is never a great idea. It is your health that matters more than anything. If you struggle with mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety or sleeping disorders, consider getting reliable treatment. For everyday stress and anxiety, you can smoke delta-8 vape carts. These are highly effective, beneficial, and completely safe.

Be Opinionated

It is okay to stay neutral but better if you choose to have an opinion. There’s nothing more attractive than a person who knows what is going on in the world and which side they would wish to take. Politics, feminism, sexuality, education, racism, misogyny, there are so many issues in the world that need to be addressed. While playing safe by not having an opinion can be, well, safe for you, it is definitely not good on your part. Having the knowledge, understanding everything about the issues and then choosing to make your mind on something is important. After all we are a part of this society and our opinion matters. It does, even if you think it doesn’t. Even if you believe ‘how will my personal opinion make a difference?’ it will. Every drop matters, every life matters.