Confused about what to give your best friend for her birthday? Gifting is a special art which takes due time and consideration otherwise it just becomes a completely redundant and wholly pointless task. We all love our best friends and want to make them the happiest on their special days. And for that reason, here are a few handmade gift ideas that are sure to make your friend squeal with surprise.

“Open When” Letters

Despite all the new communication technologies that have come up or will come up in the future, there is something special about a personalized letter addressed to us. For this reason, the idea of “open when” letters have become a trending gifting option. 

A collection of such letters can be gifted to your bestie which she can open when a specific type of situation arises. Open this when you are sad or open this when you’re missing me is one of the cutest and most memorable ways of being with them even when you’re not physically around. This has made “open when” letters quite a success.

BFF Care Package

Get a box and fill it with the favorite things that you know your best friend loves. It doesn’t necessarily have to be super expensive or fancy. But simple things like her favorite facial cleanser or her favorite delta-8 THC gummies, you can put in everything that she loves and create a whole care package. 

These packages are the ultimate DIY gifts which will make your bestie almost teary eyed. Don’t trust us? Well try it and see.

Infinity Scarf

If you rather prefer knitting to creating a care package or writing long letters, infinity scarves are the way to go. Keep your BFF warm and happy in her very own, hand knitted scarf. You can also add special personal touches by knitting it in her favorite yellow colour shade or adding her favorite cartoon character on both ends. She will love this sweet gesture.

Cookies in a Jar

Who wouldn’t love a jarful of delicious cookies as a gift? You can never go wrong with cookies. Instead of buying any cookies from the market or online store, look for an amazing recipe online and bake those cookies at home. This will bring a delightful smile on the face of your friend. What can make this activity even better is when you invite your friend over and make these cookies together. She will forever cherish the memories of this normal yet super special day. 

Monogrammed Wall Art

Creating a monogrammed wall art for your friend is a super cool idea to make her happy. All you need to do is remember something that means a lot to her and include it in your art. It makes her feel cherished and loved when you’re appreciating her special talents and taking time to consider her preferences. Make it simply out of a frame, a scrapbook paper and letter cut outs and personalize it according to her favorite things. Be a best friend that cares for her likes and dislikes.

Decorative Pillows

Pillows have to be a girl’s best friend. And as we all love sleeping, they are also equally important. Gift her the comfiest pillow which you can then personalize. Write something on it, be it her name, her favorite quote or the lyrics of a cheesy song she likes. Make it a pillow she can’t resist cuddling with at night.

Fancy Friendship Bracelets

Remember the age old friendship bands? We are so over that. Now you can make a super cool friendship bracelet at home which is sure to make your BFF swoon. Handmade jewellery is a new upcoming genre which ladies are simply loving these days. You can personalize them easily by including specific color beads and special chunks. So what are you waiting for, look at a YouTube tutorial and get to work. 


Your best friend has helped you through so much and supported you no matter what went wrong in your life. This is your time to show your appreciation for her and all that she does for you. Even flowers are a good gift if you are on budget crunch. Gift her any one of these special items this year and see how her whole face lights up with a smile.