It isn’t very easy to find a place to sit and relax with your emotional support dog. How can you when there are hardly any good restaurants or dog-friendly places that allow you to go inside with your pooch. But, not every dog just quietly lies down, keeping their owner unfazed. Certain dogs are quite grumpy when they are in the vicinity of strangers. So, the idea of a dog-friendly place accepting any dog is a myth as you might get kicked out of such places if your dog does not behave properly. Just make sure you don’t make these mistakes while visiting a dog-friendly restaurant. 

Show up at a Restaurant Without Any Prior Notice 

It would be fun if you could plan a dining date with your emotional support dog and a few of your friends. So, if you are showing with a group of friends and a dog without booking earlier, it won’t be a good thing for the people working at a restaurant. In fact, their expressions would be like, “Why are you here?” or “Don’t you have some sense?” So, call ahead if you don’t want to be kicked out of the place. It allows them to tell you some pointers on bringing dogs at their place. 

Unable to Control Your Barking Dog 

Dogs bark. That’s natural for them. It does not always imply they are dangerous. That’s how they show their emotions. So, it is quite natural you can not control them from barking at all times. However, most dog-friendly restaurants consider your dog under a single condition. They must be well behaved. And such behavior includes barking as well. So, make sure to teach your dog a “silent or quiet” command. And get them used to different noises before planning a trip to a restaurant. Otherwise, get ready to be kicked out of the restaurant right away. 

This is applicable for both you and your party as well. If you are a little too high because of a Delta 8 Flower or something like that and create a scene you will still be asked to leave.

Your Dog Wandering Around Other Tables 

Some dog owners think they will be able to control their emotional support dogs just by commanding them. However, some restaurants are cramped, while others don’t like someone roaming and bothering people around. So, keeping them on a leash would be the best idea to avoid kicking out from a dog-friendly restaurant. Also, make sure they don’t start sniffing or licking over the tables. No one likes to see someone licking off their plates, be it a person or a dog. Also, you can offer them options such as lickable dog treats. 

You Are Rude to The Staff 

Many restaurants are ignoring the law and allowing you to be with your emotional support dog. So, its a privilege they are offering to be with your dog. Thus, the least you can do is follow their guidelines and be empathetic towards their staff. Or they may simply say “dogs are not allowed” and ask you to leave that very moment. Just be courteous and use their space in the best way possible.  

Final Thoughts 

Dogs are everywhere. The US alone has more than 90 million dogs. For some, they are their buddies. For others, they could be an escape route to mend their current situation for a better and healthy future. Whatever be the reason, whenever you take your emotional support dog or a pet at a restaurant, make sure your dog follows correct table manners. And so do you. If you are looking forward to a date with your dog and are unable to find the right place, here’s how you can get started. 

  • Talk to a dog park owner for nearby places
  • Take recommendations from members of pet stores and supplies
  • Search online for nearby restaurants 
  • Ask your friends or family around