The COVID-19 pandemonium has brought the whole world to a standstill. It was first discovered in China in December 2019. As of now, the United States has recorded the most cases out of all the countries in the world. The situation is really volatile.

About 3 billion people are locked down in their homes to prevent the virus from spreading. Thousands of people have died all across the world and the number is only increasing. This doesn’t call for panic but a vigilant effort to protect ourselves and improve the situation.

As of now, no cure for COVID-19 has been found. Although, the World Health Organization and several studies have found social distancing to be an effective tool to combat the virus. Follow the precautionary and preventive measures suggested by your local authority. The cure may not be in your hands but there is one thing you could do – give yourself a fighting chance against the COVID-19 virus. Yes, you can improve your immune system by eating healthy, exercising, and managing your mental health condition. 

Are you wondering if you could actually boost your immune system by certain food products? 

That is a question everybody’s been asking. We don’t know how to prevent it but can we sure can increase our immunity? Well, it is possible that you may be even infected with the condition without showing any symptoms so practicing social distancing and maintaining hygiene could be crucial to avoid spreading the virus to individuals who are at a higher risk. That is why it is essential to follow your local health authority’s guidelines as well. 

Here are some foods that could boost your immune systems. 


Do you know what this is? Have you ever used it while cooking a dish? Well, it is a common spice used primarily in Indian and Asian cuisine predominantly in curries. It contains curcumin, a bright yellow compound, that is believed to improve immune function quite effectively. As a matter of fact, it has been used as an immunity booster and antiseptic in certain cultures for decades. Several research and studies also suggest the same. 

Turmeric also adds flavor to the dish. In addition, having curcumin supplements doesn’t harm people who are otherwise healthy. So, it’s a win-win situation. It is best to reach out to a health professional if you feel you are suffering from any of its symptoms. Don’t worry! The situation will die out if you follow the guidelines unabashedly. 

Citrus Fruits

In my childhood, my mother was after my life to eat citrus fruits. I don’t know why but I just never fancied having citric fruits. Anyhow, my mother never cared for my opinion. Be it by  somehow rigging my food or beating me up into having them. But now I realised it was all because she wanted me to be healthier. Thank you mom! 

Fruits high in citrus are high in plant compounds that are effective in providing several health benefits. They provide antioxidant effects and are anti-inflammatory which helps in improving immunity. They are rich in Vitamin C which actually has been used for decades to prevent common cold. And not just that these also help in maintaining healthy skin, not letting germs and other harmful invaders settle on your body. Several studies and research have also shown that Vitamin C improves the functions of white blood cells that fight infection. So, try and consume citric fruits to boost up your immune system. 


Garlic is another spice that is used in dishes for flavor. If you like having it then you would be happy to know that it is great for your immune system. And not just that, garlic is actually pretty good for your overall health. 

Garlic contains compounds that naturally destroy infections and bacteria. No wonder it helps improve the immune system. Several research and studies back this argument and suggest that consuming garlic helps reduce the risk of catching a sickness or staying ill. 

Green Vegetables

Do you like having green vegetables? I understand if most of you don’t. Because I don’t!. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And if eating green vegetables means that it will help in fighting this pandemic and improve immunity then why not? They are actually good sources of beta carotene that helps in increasing cells that fight diseases and reduces inflammation. 

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, I urge everyone to follow the required precautions as per your local health authority. Rather than laying lazy the whole day during this lockdown, try to exercise. For instance, I recently got myself one of the best recumbent exercise bike which is proving to be quite effective during quarantine. Stay safe. Stay healthy. 

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