When a person brings in a dog into their life it is more than a pet. It is like an extension of the family. In the US alone there are over 80 million dogs as household pets. One must keep their dog healthy and happy for betterment in the long run. 

 A healthy pooch is achieved only when it’s both mentally and physically well. Research has shown that behavior and health go hand in hand.

A sick dog will develop behavioral problems and exhibit clues of sickness making it difficult to co-exist in the same space.                                

Check out our list to ensure your pooch is healthy, happy & hearty.

Provide Adequate Bedding 

The first thing to take care of is where your pooch sleeps. A dog sleeps for about 12 -14 hours a day. From a short-haired chihuahua to a longhaired St Bernard they must be protected against the elements. Heat, chill, rain & wind are all elements you need to take care much less they hurt your pet. 

 If they sleep outside to ensure they have a spot that is covered and clean.  If you can, provide them with a kennel that has enough space on the inside for them to run around and play. What works well is a rectangular structure with a flat roof as dogs love to climb up and look around. this configuration also makes the house a stable structure. 

 If your dogs sleep inside assign them a corner as they must develop a sense of security. A kind of den if you may call it. If you can, let your pooch choose his corner. Chances are they’ll likely crawl under a bed or table. Dogs should be discouraged from sleeping on your bed as they may develop severe attachment issues. 

 Give Clean Fresh Water 

Dogs like humans are made up of 80 % water. It is also the cheapest nutrient you can invest in for your dog. 

Keep the bowl in a place where it is easily accessible to the dog at the same time out of the way enough so that it does not keep coming in your way. Check the supply regularly and ensure it is clean. 

 Dogs have a habit of drinking from the toilet seat so try to keep the lid closed at all times. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for infections that hurt dogs as much as humans. 

Weather patterns also play a role in estimating your dog’s water consumption. In winters keeping your pet hydrated can prove to be a challenge. To make it easier you can add a couple of spoonfuls of broth to make the water flavorful.

 Stimulate Their Mind

Dogs are social animals, like humans. Traditionally they live in packs. For a domesticated creature, the pack is their family.  

 For them, you are the alpha and that means you need to provide them with opportunities to test their wits and experience new stimuli. As the dog grows older however owners tend to forget this need. 

 Challenge your dog, deviate from walks, run errands -basically do anything that they don’t expect to keep their mind sharp.  This also helps foster an interesting dynamic between you and your pooch.

Fulfilling your dog’s need for companionship and play is essential for it to be healthy and happy.

Routine Care

As pet parents, you need to be vigilant about your dog. Tap into your inner intuition and keep track or minute changes that may snowball into bigger more serious issues. Your pooches can’t communicate directly with you so it is important you pay as much attention as you can. 

 Regular visits to the groomer and the vet should be a part of your schedule no matter what. Also feeding them healthy food, clean water and enabling regular exercise helps. 

Instill Discipline 

Remember that your dog is dependent on you for its well being almost as much as you are dependent on it for emotional support. If you have a dog that helps you manage any mental disorder then they qualify as an emotional support animal. See a doctor online today and get your ESA letter right away.

Set boundaries. This cannot be stressed enough. 

 Despite how one might feel about their pets they are family members but not humans. It is this distinction that one forgets which can lead to miserable interactions between you and your pet.

Dogs are extremely conservative creatures who thrive on routine. They like going out a certain time, eating at a similar time, & sleeping at the same places. At the same time, they are highly adaptable to new locations and people as long as their routine is followed. They are often compared to three-year-old kids and with good reason. They do not want any responsibility. This is only possible when you set boundaries for them. But they can’t be taught what is right or wrong just by having a conversation.  So you need to punish a bad habit and reinforce positive behavior. How you train your dog is a personal choice. But for maintaining harmony you must train them.  


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