Medical marijuana is a thing of the future which is making current time for many “a present”. As the unshakable walls of anti-weed laws are falling, everyone with a little money wants to invest in it.

medical marijuana in New York

Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg, Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s son) all of they are investing in the medical marijuana business. Mr Tyson, the sweet old businessman, recently put out in public that he is going to build a cannabis resort soon. 

The industry is fresh, the investment is high, but the information about this business is next to nil. 

So, we are here today with some of the things a medical marijuana retailer should know.

Update Your Employment/Job Description

What is the first step in starting a new business? Hiring help, yes, this has to be the very first step, you cannot start a business alone unless it is a lemonade stand. 

Problem with this business is that a lot of smokers will want to join in for getting their hands on some natural weed. 

For these freeloaders and possible substance abusers, substance abuse policy must be apparent. 

A lot of people do not know what to do when they get a job in this industry instead of selling it. For this, a clear step by step description of the job will work wonders. 

Hire A Well-Trained Staff

Managers and supervisors are your eyes and ears in the store, so the sharper they are, the better the business will run. 

Drug tests are no way of telling whether a person is knocked out by medical marijuana or not. Hence, your managers and supervisors need to know the signs of marijuana impairment.

Tracing your workers’ behaviour and performance issues, along with checking his/her background, also falls under the job description of your managers. 

In all cases, managers and supervisors must enforce the MMJ or substance abuse policy. 

To kick start the thing for you, carelessness, dexterity, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and the pungent odour of marijuana are some of the signs of on-duty substance abuse.

Keep Tabs on Changing Laws


Cannabis laws are changing faster than the London weather, and we never know if MMJ is legal today or not. 

As a retailer, you must know the new laws related to medical marijuana all the time. The rules are not always about legal or illegal, but at times these are about subsidies and discounts for specific areas. 

See, if you are enough updated, you can get hefty discounts on weed or some sort of subsidy by the government.

Mind you even after a lot of promises, at the federal level, medical marijuana or a recreational one, both are still illegal. It’s good to know about medical marijuana in New York as laws are strict and you don’t want to end up doing anything illegal being a retailer.

The MMJ laws vary from state to state. Hence, you need to keep tabs on the thing. 


Yes, these are the things a medical marijuana retailer must keep in mind while running the business. We know it is a little too much to take, but it is a bit too much to make the money you are making from this business also. 

Stop complaining and get back to work. 

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