What is the most worrying aspect of human consciousness? Guesses are welcome. Terrorism, religious clashes, nuclear fights? Well, the list is endless. But, it all starts with one thing. 

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NEGATIVITY! Everything starts with a thought right? Absolutely! When you think, you’re actually expressing your human self. How? Because the thought triggers action and that essentially defines your personality.

You’ve probably heard people say “Hey! He is such a happy soul”. Here, happiness means you’re full of positive thoughts. Your brain likes it and orders you to flash a smile. Logical isn’t it?

Now let’s take another scenario. “Do you know him? He is a pathetic person. Rude, violent and filthy. ” What kind of vibe does that give you? I’m sure you don’t have a happy vibe about him. It’s negativity! And naturally, humans want to avoid it but the truth is far from this fact. Humans are victims of negativity. 

Well, it’s human nature. Yeah, I mean it! People tend to get attracted to anything that is bad. They’ll complain about it but at the same time be driven to it. How ironic!

What makes negativity swell?

It’s just human nature. We tend to love getting involved in controversies. But why is that? The human mind loves getting excited. In most cases, this source of excitement is something bad. At least, on this planet!

At this point, you might be thinking how is that happening? But let’s just stress on this thought. Even though one person is at the receiving end of agony, there is always the other side to it. There is an individual who is the source of it and tends to enjoy. This scenario creates discussion. And people just love this part.

We tend to spread and discuss everything that is negative. Why? Because it drives reaction and discussion. The more you talk, the farther you are from the truth. But, people enjoy it!

Just imagine a scenario. Something good happens. What is the immediate reaction you’d expect? ‘Very good, fabulous, mind blowing!!” This essentially sums up that the majority of people would be having the same mind frame.. 

But, what if something bad happens? Every single reaction is different. Each individual has a set frame of reactions to express. For some, it’s simply a matter of interest. Some might be happy that this incident happened. Then there’s the crying bunch who is complaining about the incident. Chances are high that a group is already in a heated argument. You’re getting it? There are multiple possibilities and none has a happy ending.

The biggest example is social media. Ever stumbled upon a post with negative news? Just take the case of road brawl. Imagine a page posting it. Your immediate instinct triggers you to tap that comments section. You click it and then bang!! The comments are endless.

Every second comment involves a fight. Some are hurling racial abuses. Others are busy complaining about countries and of course, there is one group which is ranting the authorities for being negligent. This is the scale of reaction that it creates. 

Here’s a secret!

The social media giants love it! Why? Because negativity drives reaction and reaction drives internet traffic. In simple words, it generates more clicks for them. The more clicks, the larger they earn. Well, this is all from the marketing domain. I won’t dive into it but what I’m trying to say is that social media thrives on negativity. 

Well, why is that worrying me? Because the majority of the youth is active on social media. What kind of picture are we trying to portray? This generation is in serious danger if actions are not taken. We’re basically producing monsters. They’re human but minus the emotion and empathy. We’re making people intolerant and just giving the impression that it’s all good. There is absolutely nothing cool about being bad.  Terrorism, cold war, religious fights, and violence arise from negative thoughts. 

So, it all starts from a thought. So, it’s very important that you think positive. It goes a long way in keeping the world happy. The world would be a better place if we realize this before it’s too late. Just imagine how good that be. Dump that jealousy and anger out in the bin. It’s doing you no good. 

Praise positivity! Praise Humanity!

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