Being a parent can be tough. But don’t get grumpy. You knew that before you had a kid. Being a single parent of two, I understand the struggles that come with parenthood.

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One of the most annoying things is feeding them. I don’t know why they do this. First, they cry because they want to eat and when you are all up to feed them, they just don’t want to eat. Then you have to move your muscles and run after them to give the nutrition they need. Ah…it’s like we don’t have a life.

Judging me? It is not like that. I do love my kids. It’s just I hate them when they get so annoying. Nah… I can never hate them. I have always looked for a way to get them to eat those vegetables. Popeye! That cartoon was my hope but these Ipads and PlayStations have taken kids away from cartoons into the world of gaming. Ah… technology!

Do you go through this struggle every day? I know you confide in me. But worry not, I have some hacks for you to Jedi mind trick your kids into having the nutrition they need.

Sneaking Vegetables:

Giving vegetables to children is crazy hard. Just the sight of vegetables instills panic in them. So, what to do?

Grating vegetables like carrot and zucchini into stews and sauces could help provide nutrition to your kids without them knowing. So, next time when making spaghetti sauce, grate some vegetables and add them to your sauce. Haaa… Gotcha children!

Fruit Smoothies:

Kids love smoothies. So, use them to get the nutrition into them. A fruit smoothie is packed with a bundle of nutrients. And it being sweet, you can yet again add some vegetables to it and your kid won’t even notice.

Great, right? I have tried this at home and believe me this works like magic. My eldest is 13 and he doesn’t know what goes into his fruit smoothie. He loves it though. So, this could be an effective method to provide your kid with a pack of nutrition.

Cookie Magic:

Ever made banana oat cookies?

Those are great. Taste good and are very healthy. The thing is they get their sweetness from bananas rather than refined sugar. This refined sugar is actually not good for your kid’s health. It increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart problems and obesity in children. Banana oat cookies could be used as a healthy snack which your children love to eat. And that is rare. Believe me it is.

Fruit Popsicle’s:

We are adults and we can’t stay away from popsicles. Talk about children? Come summers, popsicles are all what they want. But then, you can’t let them have many, they are filled with artificial flavors and a lot sugar. They are not good for your children’s health.

But then how can you stop your 5 year old when he has made up his mind to have one. Well, you can!

You can make some on your own. Yes, fruit popsicles are actually very tasty and healthy. Kids just love it. Add some berries or frozen fruit puree and fruit juice into the blender. Then pour this mixture into Popsicle moulds. Now cover it with foil and insert popsicles sticks. Freeze it overnight and serve it to your kids on a sunny afternoon.

Kids are crazy. They will not let you live easy. But they are what make your life worth living. And yes I love my kids a lot. A lot. Health and nutrition of your children is very important. Starting at infancy, it is important to take care of their health. Hey, in the end I just want to say “All hail parenthood.”

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