Understanding your emotional support dog is exactly like decoding the sounds of an infant babbling sounds.

emotional support dog

For instance, you figure out instantly when your baby tries to say “a-ga” or “a-da”. You don’t need any rocket science to understand what’s happening around. Just the feeling of love makes you understand every crazy talk that he/she tries to make with you.

Similarly, you can tell what your emotional support dog is trying to say from just a bark that denotes  “hello” or that which says “please don’t disturb me now”, or “I am scared please hold on to me”.

But, are they understanding your love or you are just suffocating them with your human things.

Are you having any issues connecting to your emotional support dog?

Don’t worry!

We can help you by giving away some tips and tricks to shower your love in a language that they understand better.

But, if you still think “why should I make such an effort?”. Here’s the answer to that as well.

Why Do You Need To Make Some Adjustments?

This is because dogs rely a lot on facial expressions rather than just using hands or other parts. Integrating both ways will help to communicate with your dog much better than before.

The better you use an expressive version of your love, the more you will be able to bond with your emotional support dog.

Also, because dogs genetically enjoy the connections that are made by being a part of the pack.

For instance, they enjoy hunting (here it’s ball hunting, of course), exercising (morning walks or running), and touch.

Understanding the body language and doing the things in their ways will help them to bond with you much sooner than otherwise.

Here’s how you can do it too.

Who Does not Like Mimicking?

Dogs are just like babies.


I am sure you would have mimicked baby sounds to play with them. It’s the same with dogs as well. Making a conversation in their language will help them to understand you better.

As per an article published in the Medical News Today, dogs like words like- treat, walk, good. And, reading to dogs can be helpful if you own a high-energy emotional support dog.

Don’t Say, Just Listen

Well, it’s definitely a good aspect to have if you own an emotional support dog. This will help you to respond better.

Look for the signs of love such as wagging tail, eye contact, or raised eyebrow to reciprocate it in a similar way.

Of course, you don’t have a tail to wag. I am talking about facial expressions.


However, this won’t work if your dog is showing the following signs- tucked tail or lip licking or averted eyes. Then, it’s a warning sign. Make sure they are comfortable in their own way.

Facial Expression Says It All

Eyes do most of the talking. Not only for the people in deep love. But, also for your dog as well.

They love using their eyes and the area around their eyes to express love. So, when they are trying to make eye contact, do the same.

And this helps to release oxcytocin, not only in you but in your dog as well.

The end result- happiness all around.

Some scientists also believe that raising one of the eyebrows along with a smile makes your emotional support dog understand that you are very happy to see your dog by your side.

Who Does Not Like Cuddles?

Probably everyone does. Love is felt more with these small cute cuddles and naps together.

The same goes for your dog as well. Letting him be in your bed for a quick nap or just cuddled up together help them understand that you love them or want them in your life.

Going For Adventures Together

Fun with friends is normal for many. But, doing the same with your emotional support dog will help to strengthen the bond that they crave for.

These sessions also help to improve trust, communication in between you two.

While we shared some of the connection building skills that your dog would love. Here are some emotions that might actually sound something else to your dog while you might be meaning just pure affection.

  • Hugs

Dogs feel trapped. So, beware on doing that often. Look for your dog’s expression and accordingly adjust.

  • Kisses

This often confuses them as they think you are trying to assert your place in the hierarchy. Nothing near love at all.

  • Treats

Food to dogs is like a motivational factor to do something. They will run away with just a smell.

Learning to say “ I love you” in their language can help you heal faster as they will shower ten times more love that you are already giving them.

For emotional support dogs, it’s all about love and connection. If they do, they can go to any limits to be with you. But, make sure you reciprocate the language of love.

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