There is nothing spurious left to be said about the beauty of nature covered in red and orange grandeur. If this experience goes down in a diary, it will only be jotted down as: Year 2019, it will go down in my diary, as those experiences that not only uplifted my spirits but also lead to an impeccable experience.

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If you wish to pen down the same in your diary then get ready to explore the exquisite Grand Canyon. Make sure that you unpack all your worries and pack the curious child inside you.

So those of you who are willing, put on the costume of fun and frolic, discard all your formals, come forth and be part of an unsung adventure.

To begin with let us introduce you to the Mighty Grand Canyon!

For the love of star gazers

After receiving the certification for Dark Sky Park, the mighty canyon is ready to engage all its night viewers. As its beautiful around, so is above. The night sky above and a rusty orange surface to hold your feet down, will help you unravel the best astronomical experiences. So make sure your eyes are looking through that telescopic glass once you have savoured the essence of its beauty.

If you wish to see pink reptiles

This reptile is not always humans best friend but it will definitely enhance your curiosity. Because it has a pink texture running throughout its scale, it is widely known as the Grand Canyon Pink Rattle Snake. Reptile lovers are most welcome to see the snake seated on a rock giving away pink hue to everyone that passes by. For the ones who are not so fond of snakes, can always look forward to see how the Colorado river cuts deep into the rocks forming the magnificent Canyon.

The Rim in the North

Secluded, cool in summer, home for snowstorms in winters and picturesque view – that’s the Northern Rim for you. Besides dense vegetation and several species of animals the rim has a lot more to offer. Start at the visitor center if you plan on hiking the scenic trails on your way to the Grand Canyon Lodge. Once you reach the lodge, fill your eyes with the wonder of a magnificent park. Moving forward you can climb onto the highest point on the North Rim, widely known as Point Imperial. Stand on top of this point and grasp the geological wonder that stares right back at you. Do not forget to see the sun setting in all its awe and beauty, once you reach Cape Royal.

The journey doesn’t end here, for more breathtaking and spectacular views move forward along the trails of Bright Angel Point. Multi-colored rock layers, narrow trails and all types of reptiles basking under the sun will unravel natures mystery to you.

Learn in the lap of nature: Nature has so much more to offer than just scenic views. One visit to the Grand Canyon will help you enhance your knowledge. You and your children can learn about the Ecology, Geology and History of the great Grand Canyon through field trips and independent classrooms. So while you are standing in the deepest gorge somewhere between two precipice alongside a waterfall, grab the opportunity of learning interesting facts about the gorge.

Test the waters: Explore the Canyon by river and experience an endless adventure. Row and paddle in the whitewaters of the Colorado river for a distance of 12 miles. The twelve miles journey will introduce you to the Travertine Cavern Falls. Paddle along smoothly through the river towards Spencer Canyon for another 30 mile journey. Witness the most thrilling views, spectacular waterfalls, river carves along the rocks and vegetation that you don’t get to see everyday.  

The Caves less traveled

Caves that delve deep into the secret corners of the Canyon will tell you of a tale rarely spoken of. Usually due to archeological and biological reasons most of the caves are not open for general public. But if you wish to see how these caves explain Americas ancient civilization, then visit the Cave of the Domes located below the rim of the Canyon. These caves will inform you about the heritage and you will find evidence of ancient life here.

Golden rays of the fading sun, gently falling on the landscape of the Grand Canyon – such is the beauty of nature that awaits your travel. Also if you are nostalgic over the idea of exploring gorges, the magnificent Grand Canyon is the answer to all your questions. Indeed a natural attraction that has awed travelers, hikers and tourists over the centuries. Perhaps the best destination to find solace.

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